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10 Interesting Facts You Won’t Believe

Interesting Facts you won’t believe. Well, we just know how everyone loves those top 10 lists these days, and we are loving it too. They are quick reads and give you a lot of information in a very short period of time. We are in the making of some “top 10s” as well, starting with this one.

This is guaranteed to be a list of things you have never heard of until now. You will see the humor in the postings but the interesting facts surrounding these entries can’t be ignored.

1. Your Social Circle is Directly Related to Your Brains Size:

Interesting Facts: Some doctors at Oxford found out that our orbitomedial prefrontal cortex size can be directly tied to how many friends you will have. The larger your cortex, the more likely you are to have lots of friends and need more attention. If you have a small cortex, you are likely to enjoy spending time alone and have fewer friends than the large cortex person. So maybe your not a loner? Maybe you were genetically made that way. Food for thought.

2. Faking Being Happy is Actually Bad for Your Overall Health

According to a news release by the New York Times, it seems that bus drivers are notorious for smiling all day at people getting on the bus but is actually in a bad mood for most of the drive. That can be very bad for your health. If you are actually grumpy all day but force yourself to smile, you could be putting your health at risk. I think the real question is – how do we get you to smile without having to fake it?

smiling bus driver interesting facts
Bus Driver Smiling at the People who Get on and Off the Bus

3. Dead Woman can Still Give Birth

This isn’t aimed at all women but in some cases, women who had already passed away were still able to go through the labor portion of giving birth and the kids turned out fine. This is called “Coffin Birth”. It has to take place shortly after the mother dies. This normally ends in a cesarian section since the mother can no longer push during her contractions.

4. Very Small Mites Live in Your Face

Don’t lose your mind over this but your face is actually home to small micro-organisms with 8 legs and worm-like bodies. These little mites have made your face their home for as far back as science remembers. Interesting facts about that is that everybody has them and you can’t even see them with a standard microscope. Don’t worry you’ll never see them running around. They are pretty creepy to think about though.

5. More than Likely You Have Eaten Dinosaur Feces

Do you know that bottled water you drink so proudly over the good old tap water? Well, all the water has been around millions of years. They have been recycled through clouds and water reservoirs. Every bottle you drink has a high amount of it that was recycled by mother nature herself.

Unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t have cleaning solutions of any type nor can she get rid of all the micro-organisms that are living in the lake, the sea or wherever your water originates from. So since dinosaurs obviously pooped or peed in the water supply that was on the planet at that time. Then the clouds took the water up and the rain brought the water back down. So yeah, if it lived here – you have probably indulged in their feces.

dinosaurs roamed the earth interesting facts
Dinosaurs fighting over Interesting Facts

6. Walmart is Harder to Get Accepted at then Harvard University

Can you believe that getting into Walmart as a checker is more difficult than getting into Harvard? (Statistically Anyway). Harvard accepts only 10% of the students who apply there. You can live your whole life wanting to go to Harvard just like another relative to you did. Your dreams can get crushed even if on paper, you were good enough.

Now Walmart has so many applications and people that want to work there that they can only accept 2% of the people who apply. That’s right. Walmart turns down an astonishing 98% of the people who apply there. Wow Walmart, whos the real snob on the block??

walmart employees revolt
Walmart Employees take to the streets to protest the things they are passionate about

7. There is actually a town in America that has a whopping population of 1

Monowi is a little slice of pie that is in Nebraska and they have just one resident who lives in the city limits. She is about 80 years old and holds the position of Mayor, Bartender, and Librarian.

She has used the Mayor status to grant herself a liquor license sometime after her husband died. Here is some more about it if you’re interested. She must also perform a municipal road map each year to make sure the cities 4 street lights are up and running. Would you like to move there too? They actually have 3 houses zoned for residential. She is in one. There are two more for anyone wanting to take a chance and turn it into a city of 2.

8. Your Thumb is the Same Length as Your Nose

I’m not sure there is a scientific reason for this or if its just the norm. Your thumb is the same length as your nose. Put your thumb up there and check for yourself. I will say that it is at least close enough for me to not raise hell and act like this is fake. This is actually just another of the interesting facts found on this blog post.

9. It is Impossible to Hum and Hold Your Nose

That’s right. If you don’t believe it – I’ll wait a minute for you to give it a try. Your voice box just won’t allow itself to work while holding your nose. I’m not sure why that works that way. I know when I first heard that, I was skeptical and tried it immediately. It didn’t take long for me to throw in the towel.

Apparently, you just can not do it no matter how hard you try. I wonder what other things I can’t hum and do at the same time are. It’s just, I always took humming for granted you know (lol)? They can take away my pride. They can take away my freedom. But they CANT take away my humming.

lightning strikes the sky interesting
Ominous Lighting Rattles the Night Sky

10. The Chances of Getting Struck By Lighting is About 6 Times Higher for Men Rather than Women

Perfect. I mean can the men ever win? I don’t even know how this is possible. Why would this be so? Is it because men are generally larger and taller people than women? This makes us more of a target?

Well, at least the odds of getting struck by lightning at all is extremely low. If you are a girl then you should always have a sidekick with you when the rainstorms are coming. This will give you a scapegoat in case the unthinkable happens and lighting actually does strike where you two are walking. And fellas – if it starts raining, you should probably head inside to be on the safe side.

I wonder how many people have even gotten struck by lightning in the world over the years. It just seems like something that would never happen to you, but then again I have seen things like that come to fruition.

Well, that’s all she wrote. The top 10 interesting facts blog post is coming to a close. Did you learn anything? What would you like to see in the upcoming Top 10 lists? Tell me in the comments section below. If it’s a good idea, I’ll make the blog post about it and discover the truth behind the content and bring it to you. Have a great day. Cheers!

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