13 Survival Tip For Wilderness Survival
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13 Survival Tip for Wilderness Survival

Here is a list of survival tip and skills you may one day use. (You never know). These are the 13 facts we are presenting to help you in case you are ever lost in the woods, a hostage, or worse. This whole website is dedicated to making things easier should something occur. No one ever knows they are going to be lost, or stranded or locked up. You need to be ready for anything and we hope our site helps you in that regard.

This list deals mainly with “Survival Tip for the Wilderness“. We will be doing other weather conditions top 10 (or more) lists soon. Please be sure to subscribe to my blog for new and cool posts. Every week I try to at least make one more posting that will help someone at some point in time.

Let’s get into it. Here are the top 13 survival tip you may need when your life is on the line. Read carefully because you never know when something unexpected is going to happen.

  • Stay Calm: The first thing you need to do in this or any situation that looks like it could be really bad is to keep your feelings in check. You also must maintain a positive attitude. Remember what you have learned. Remember what you know. Just stay positive because that improves your chance at survival considerably. Don’t get down and depressed about what is happening. Stay the path. Don’t let anyone know you are worried or scared either. You can get through this. You just have to remember the things you’ve hopefully learned. This is the number one survival tips I can give to you.
  • Build a Shelter: If you are in a long term situation where you do not think you will be rescued anytime soon,  you should probably build a shelter. Sticks for the surrounding part of the area and leaves to cover the top. You can also tie some cloth together around 2 trees to make a hammock. It’s off the ground and probably more comfortable than what you were going to make your shelter floor with.

shelter built in wildernesss

  • Collect Water: The easiest way to get water is to simply collect the water when it falls from the sky during a rainfall. Just get some makeshift buckets and set them out where it will fill with water. You can use plants with large leaves in order to get as much water as possible. If you are in frigid temperatures, you can also eat snow, but it is recommended that you boil the snow first into the water so you can kill bacteria.
  • Create A Fire: If you are one of the lucky ones and already has a bug-out-bag prepared, you should have a lighter on hand. If you do not have a lighter you would have to attempt to make a fire from sticks and friction. This can be very difficult and will require lots of stamina. Remember its not a race when you are trying to manually start a fire. You have to get in a pattern with the 2 sticks and wait for the smoke to start. After that, be sure to blow gently on your embers as fire requires oxygen to work.
  • Find the North Star: First locate the Big Dipper in the sky. Once you’ve located the Big Dipper, you can use it to find the North Star. To do so, look at the two bright stars that form the side of the bowl farthest away from the handle’s tip. These are the “pointer stars.” Draw an imaginary line connecting the pointer stars. Extend that line out about 5 stars worth and you will get to a very bright star. That is the North Star. (Refer to the Photo)


  • Don’t Eat where You Sleep: Here is some survival tip as well. If you are lucky enough to have caught a fish, small game or simply brought food. Never prepare food where your shelter is. Go far away. Animals can catch the scent of cooked or cooking food and can become very hostile. Watch your back when your cooking.
  • Never Walk at Night: Never try to travel during nightfall. If you are forced to walk at night, use a very high-quality product to help keep the animals at bay. Try this. You can easily get lost or even worst – attacked by one of the many creatures that hunt and become more hostile at night. Stay in your shelter at night with a fire going around your bedding area. The fire is normally enough to keep most animals away.
  • Surround Your Fire with Rocks: These act as a great support for the heat from the fire. The rocks warm up and can really help with the cold weather (if its winter). You can also use these rocks in a different way. Take 2 and throw them in a bottle with your water and it will boil and knock out that bacteria you are watching out for.
  • Coconuts are Your Friend: If your lucky enough to have coconuts on your little slice of heaven then you are in luck. Bust those coconuts up and drink and eat them. They have important nutrients and sugars that will help keep you going and feeling re-energized.

woman finding nourishment when survival tips lead to water

  • Urinate on Your Rags: Although true, this next survival tip is pretty gross. If you are having trouble beating the heat and are in constant view of the sun with little to no shelter try this gross but good hack. Urinate on a rag or a bandana or something of this nature. Then you tie that around your head and you will instantly start to feel cooler as urine combats sunlight. Urine helps to combat the suns rays and lock in the salts and sugars your body is excreting. 
  • Roasting Rods: If you have a tent, you’re in luck again. This time you can use the rods holding the tent up for you to put an animal on a spit and roast over an open fire. Just add the two Y shaped sticks to the sides of the fire and rest your small game or fish or whatever you put on your tent rod right on top of the Y sticks. Now just turn them every now and again until ready to eat.
  • Stay off the Ground: If you have a tent, you’re in business. If you do not have a tent and are making a shelter out of scratch, this is a little harder. You need to line the bottom of your tent with bamboo poles or something to that effect. This survival tip can keep you from getting sick from laying on the ground. It can also help to keep pests and bugs off you during the night. You don’t want to get a bite that requires medical attention when you don’t even know where you are, let alone a hospital.
  • Tell Someone: Before you leave if you are going camping or cliff diving or whatever you’re going to be doing, be sure someone knows. In fact, tell a couple of people. That way if you’re not back in time, the search teams know where to start looking. This is the most important thing you can do even if you have 2 or 3 people going with you.

Well, that’s it. 13 facts that could help you in the blink of an eye should you wind up in a crazy situation. Keep reading our blog with tips on how to manage just about anything that comes up.

I hope you enjoyed the post. What do you think the most important thing to do for a survivor lost in the wilderness is? Leave your comments down below. Also, if you enjoyed this post please like, follow and pin it. Those links are just below. Cheers!

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