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Can a Bison Be Dangerous?

The simple answer? Yes. Bison are very dangerous and should be treated as such. Bison are among the most dangerous animals encountered by visitors to the various North American national parks and will attack humans if provoked.

Here on our survival blog, we like to discuss animals that many people may not recognize as dangerous, but can actually really hurt a human being. Bison are no exception. I always thought of them as being very passive creatures, like a cow I suppose. Turns out that they are mean to people and even other Bison.

In Yellowstone National Park, Bison is considered to be even scarier than the bears. In fact, at that very park, 2 people have actually died at the wrong end of a Bison attack. That’s two people who didn’t make it home because they basically got murdered at one of our national parks.

Bison Fighting in the Streets. Bison Hold Up Traffic.

Black Death: Cape Buffalo Bisons

Cape Buffalo are also known as the Black Death. They have killed more big game than any other hunters in Africa. They can run upwards of 35 MPH and can easily chase down a human. Not to mention when they are right up on you, they are pretty intimidating. They have huge heads with horns and those horns can hurt.

They normally just stand around in herds eating all the grass they can stuff in their faces. But if you get one wound up it will come for you. It will come for you like an old enemy. They can be relentless and ruthless.

A Bison can stand 6 feet tall and 11 feet long. They weigh almost a metric ton coming in at around 2000 pounds. It’s also got a 6-foot vertical leap if you weren’t scared enough already. They are actually the largest mammal in North America and they have lived here for thousands of years.

They will probably outlive mankind as well. You just don’t mess with a Bison. So there you have it. Bison’s are mean and can kill when they set their minds to it. Please be careful as you drive-thru or camp out at our national parks because they can turn deadly in an instant. It’s like the size of an average car coming at you in a 35 mile per hour zone. Just the impact alone can be enough to end your life. Don’t mess with the Bison, and hopefully, they won’t mess with you.

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