30 Facts that Could Save Your Life
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30 Facts That Could Save Your Life

30 Facts That Could Save Your Life

Here is a list of 30 of these facts that could save your life. These are great survival hacks, general knowledge, and just simply good stuff to know in case you wind up in one of these situations.

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  • 1. Your Cell Phone Battery Can Start a Fire: If you are one of those people who packs a phone but forgets to pack matches or a lighter and winds up in a situation that calls for fire, this can help you out a lot. First, just take your cell phone battery out of your phone. Second, start a small pile of kindling. Then take the battery and shove it into the small pile of kindling. Use a knife to puncture the battery. When it breaks open, the lithium in the battery will catch fire as soon as it is mixed with the air around you. Then you just use the kindling to start your fire and you’re ready to go.
  • 2. How to Outrun an Alligator: Alligators are not friendly creatures, so if you encounter one it may behoove you to run away rather then see if this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. If the alligator gives chase – then instead of running in a straight line to your destination, run in zig-zags. Alligators are much slower when they have to turn and this will give you the advantage of quickness, enabling you to outrun the gator.
facts that could save your life
Dangerous and Fast Alligator
  • 3. Give Yourself the Heimlich Maneuver: If you find yourself choking, you may hope that someone around you knows the Heimlich maneuver. Well if you look around and there is no one there, you may have to chance giving yourself these facts that could save your life. Put your fist about 2 inches above your belly button. This will enable you to push out the article causing you to choke. Then take the fist and leverage it at the top of a chair, wall or table. This will let you thrust your own fist into your belly hopefully releasing the wedge blocking your windpipe and allowing you to eject the item in question.
  • 4. Use Super Glue to Hold Together an Open Wound: If you have a cut on your body that looks like it may require stitches, you can use super glue to hold it together until you can get yourself to a medical professional. Just hold the would shut and apply the super glue to the top of the wound. Use your finger to smear it on top of the peak of the wound. This will seal the wound quickly and efficiently for the time being.
  • 5. The Rule of 3: If you find yourself in a wilderness or severe weather situation, remember the rule of 3. A human can generally survive 3 minutes of severe bleeding, 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter in extreme conditions, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. This will help you to prioritize your steps to success as you attempt to survive whatever situation you may be in.
  • 6. Use Your Pants as a Life Preserver: This little trick is used by everyone. Boy Scouts, Marines, Life Guards and more are trained with these facts that could save your life. If you find yourself in an emergency situation that requires a life vest or preserver, consider using your pants! Tie the legs together at the end of the pants, locking in the air that is going inside. Then just fan it over your head 2 or 3 times to catch some air inside your pants. After that, simply put over your head onto your neck. Your newly inflated trousers will keep you afloat while you figure out what to do next.
facts that can help save your life
Girl using her pants as a life vest
  • 7. If a Tornado Looks Like its Standing Still it is Probably Moving Toward You: If you are in the middle of a tornado in a tornado zone and the beast seems to just be standing still hovering over the same area of land, there is a strong chance it is coming toward you. Pick out a windmill, road sign or any good upright standing thing and focus on it for a moment. See if the tornado is moving to the right or left of it. If neither one, then it is moving toward you or directly away. Don’t take a chance. Get out of the area running to the left or right of the path of the monster.
  • 8. Do You Need to Break out a Car Window: This is a trick used by firemen and other first responders to accidents. If you need to break out a car window, be sure to hit the window around the edges. It is strongest in the middle and therefore hardest to break. You can use anything from a glass breaking tool to a large rock to penetrate the window frame.
  • 9. Need 911: If you are lost or somewhere where your phone service is showing that you have no service, you should try to dial 911 anyway. 911 is a special number that attempts to go through ALL available networks, not just your provider. This includes emergency service channel and even available private networks like the military. You can also use your emergency number in most other countries. You can do this even if it’s not the same as the one they use. Also, note that all cell phones can be used to contact emergency numbers without the need to unlock the phone.
  • 10. Electrical Shortages: If you are ever in a pool or other large body of water and you taste a metallic taste in your mouth, immediately get out of the water. This usually means there is an electrical shortage somewhere in the water. This can be deadly if you encounter it directly.
life saving facts
guy having fun at a pool party
  • 11. What to Do in a Strong Current: If you are ever out for a swim in the ocean and encounter a very strong rift current, don’t panic. Instead of trying to swim back to shore, swim parallel to the shore. Do this until you are out of the current and then head back to the shore for a well-deserved rest.
  • 12. Coconuts: If you are lucky enough to be stranded somewhere that has coconut trees, pay attention to these facts that could save your life. Brown coconuts contain oils that can dehydrate you so only drink the milk from the green coconuts. You can, however, burn the husks of the brown coconuts to repel mosquitoes.
  • 13. Fallen Power Lines: If you find yourself where an overhead power transmission line fell and is still on the ground, be happy your still standing. There are a few hundred thousand volts going through these lines at any one time. Do not try to walk or run away. Instead bunny hop, or shuffle keeping both your feet touching the entire time you make your escape. You will get torched if the gap in your shoes is too big. The bunny hop may just save your life.
  • 14. Survival Candles: Always keep a survival candle in your car, especially in cold situations. The heat that comes off a survival candle can keep you from freezing to death. This can last up to 115 hours or the life of the candle. This can save your life.
  • 15. Deer Crossing: If you are driving and you see a deer running across the road, it is better to hit it then to run into the ditch. However, if you see a moose crossing the road, it is better to run into the ditch. Hitting a moose is like hitting a brick wall and you could suffer fatal injuries and die. If you hit the deer your insurance companies will be able to tell there was an accident involving a deer. This will most likely be found not to be your fault. If you take the ditch, then they have no way of knowing the truth and you will be found at fault. If it is the moose, just take the insurance hike – your life isn’t worth it.
Facts That Could Save Your Life
Attention: This is NOT a Deer.
  • 16. Two Way Mirrors: Believe it or not, each year there are hundreds of complaints brought about by two-way mirrors. For those who don’t know, a two-way mirror is a mirror that you see yourself in but the person on the other side of the wall can see straight through like a window. If you think you are being confronted by a two-way mirror, there is a simple test for that. Simply put your fingernail in the mirror and check it out. If there is a gap between your fingernail and its reflection then you are looking at a regular mirror. If there is no gap, this is a two-way mirror. Tread lightly.
  • 17. Faster Elevators: This little trick is used by the police to expedite elevators to the floor they need to get to WITHOUT stopping at other floors no matter if people are waiting or not. Simply press the close door buttons and hold. Do not let go. Then press your floor and hold. Again, do not let go. After the doors are closed and the elevator begins to move, you can move your hands away from the buttons. This will take your elevator straight to your floor. Great in emergency situations. Great life-saving facts.
  • 18. Car Underwater: If your car loses control (or you change your mind) and your car is going down in a lake, pond or another body of water – don’t panic. The first thing you want to do is open the doors as soon as the car hits the water. This will make your escape much easier. If you fail to open the doors, try to break the windows with the metal part of your seatbelt. This, of course, is only if the windows refuse to open. If neither one of these work, still remain calm. Let the cabin of the car get filled with water. Once the water is high enough, the doors should pop open on their own letting you make your escape.
car being swallowed by the sea
Car Going Down? Don’t Panic.
  • 19. Crayon Candle: If you are in a wilderness situation or a situation at home where there is no power and you don’t have a candle, stay calm. Most people do have a crayon laying around somewhere and a crayon will burn for an amazingly long time. This is great at home, but if you are traveling then pack a few crayons with you. These are great items for your bug-out bag and these are great facts that could save your life.
  • 20. Code Words: In the event your kidnapped or something of the sort, there is a strong possibility your kidnapper will let you call or text your family. They do this so your family doesn’t freak out and call the police. In this event, you need to have a code word picked out for all our family members and everyone knows not to use the code unless there is something tragic happening. An example of this could be the phrase “I’m fine”. If you ever call your family with this phrase, there is trouble. This works both ways so if they call you – help them too. Choose your families code word today.
  • 21. If You Get Shot: If you ever get shot with a small caliber weapon, one of the best things you can use to plug that hole is a tampon. This will help to stop the flow of blood until you can get to a medical professional. It may not make for great photos – but it’s good advice for someone suffering from a .25 caliber gunshot.
  • 22. Escape a Zip Tie: If you are ever arrested or kidnapped there is a chance you might be bound by a zip tie. This is an easier thing to carry then handcuffs and you can carry several so cops are carrying them more and more these days. If you are bound try this. Raise your hands over your head. Then bring them crashing down to the ground. When your hands hit the ground, the ties should come off. Keep in mind that there are several brands of stronger ties out there so this will only work in some situations. These are true facts that could save your life.
survival tips and tricks
Kidnapped? Held By Zip Ties? Here is How to Escape.
  • 23. Unconscious Diabetic: If you ever come across an unconscious diabetic, do not give them insulin. Also do not try to give them any sugar or sweets orally as they can not protect their airways. Instead, opt to wait for medical personnel. They have a drug known as D10 that is sugar water through an IV needle. This is much safer and will most likely save the victims life.
  • 24. Fish Smelling House: If you are in your house and you notice the smell of urine or fish, this could be an electrical fire. Use the back of your hand and go around the house feeling the wall sockets. If one is exceptionally hot – you have a fire on your hands. You also use the back of your hand so if there is a burn, it isn’t on your palm or fingers as you need those more. This same rule goes for trying door knobs in fires in your home.
  • 25. Red Eye Reflex in Photos: We hate it when we see a photo of us with those red eyes staring back at us. But this is actually quite healthy and a sign of good eyes. If you ever see a picture where someone has WHITE eyes, get them to the eye doctor quickly. This is especially true for children. This means that either the retina has turned white from loss of blood or that something is blocking the backs of your eyes. A popular blockage that can happen is actually eye cancer. This is especially bad because your eye connects to your brain by your optic nerve.
  • 26. On Thin Ice: If you ever find yourself on thin ice, lay down immediately. Then crawl back to shore on your belly. Chances are that if the ice held you up with all your weight centered, it will also hold you while your weight is dispersed over a larger area. These are facts that could save your life.
survival blog 30 tips to save your life
Thin Ice: Disperse Evenly!
  • 27. Drunken Driving: Little known fact: Most drunk driving deaths actually occur at the same time. The time is from 1am-3am Saturday morning. So if you can, stay off the roads then. That is when the partiers are out the most. Although not published, I would assume that Friday morning around the same time is the second worst day to drive.
  • 28. Going Out: If you are going out to the store or to the mailbox, always let someone know where you are headed. This is important because in the event you disappear, we know where to start looking for you. If you are taking a road trip or something, never leave without letting someone know where you are headed.
  • 29. Anti-Allergy Drugs: You never know when an allergy might strike. These antihistamines can be used for any allergy, not just dust and debris in the air. If you are going camping or something like that make sure to take some with you. If someone does suffer from some type of allergic reaction, you’ll be prepared. This increases your chances of survival when struck with the unknown.
survival tips for the wilderness
Keep Allergy Pills With You While Camping
  • 30. Stabbing Occurrences: If you are ever stabbed, do not remove the knife from the wound. This plays an important part in blocking the blood from spilling out on the ground. You should also apply a tourniquet or other rags around the wound to help with the blood from flowing until you can get to medical personnel.

Well, that’s it. This is the end of the list that we promised you. That is our list of 30 facts that could save your life in the future. How did we do? What was your favorite fact? Mine was number 17, the elevator trick. Let me know in the comments below. Please also share and like this post if you found it helpful. Please be sure to check out my previous posts for other survival tips and tricks. Thank you for reading.

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