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Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Destruction Missing?

You may need your survival kit if the world practically comes to an end due to weapons of mass destruction. Are there still missing biological weapons out there? Since the Soviet Union in 1991 we have been told there are weapons of mass destruction just…missing.

In Iraq, our country destroyed entire cities under Saddam Hussein’s rule. We went intentionally to target locations for months and leveled everything in view in a search for “weapons of mass destruction”. No matter how much time we spent or how many leads we followed, we never uncovered even one. Saddam said he had access to these type of weapons publicly.

No matter how many times he would threaten the world with these weapons, we failed to find any conclusive evidence that they were active or even existed. Now, many years later we still have not uncovered anything that can answer the one million dollar question once and for all. Did Saddam have weapons of mass destruction or not?

So what happens if one of these weapons is one day used in an attack on our home country? Well, let’s look at what could happen during a biological weapon attack to gain some more insight.

The first thing that will happen is the attack will hit suddenly. It will be similar to what we experienced on 9/11. First, the news will pick it up and then the government will take some time to react. We now have plans in place of what to do after an attack. This was implemented after the disaster of 9/11. However, it will take a while to get the information to the proper authorities and have those plans fall into place.


Be ready for anything. If you are in an area that is in close proximity to where the attack was carried out, you would need to immediately gather as much information as you can. Decide where to put yourself and your loved ones. Grab your bug out bag. Get to a safe location and then turn on your radio (or TV if it’s still working) and listen for updates to help you stay on top of your game during the post-attack guidelines.

Do you have your survival kit ready to render first aid on demand when hospitals and emergency clinics will be closed or jam-packed? Hopefully, you do. If you don’t have one or don’t know what I am referring to – here is a link to a great one on Amazon.com. This kit will not only render first aid to anyone you may encounter that is in need. It will also give you survival food for you and your family and there are tools you may need in the event of a disaster.

What Biological Attacks Should We Worry About the Most?

Anthrax and Smallpox are just a couple of these weapons that are nowhere to be found. There was a small anthrax scare years back. People were sending letters to government workers and lacing the envelope with Anthrax. At the time, there was no cure for this disease. Anthrax does now have a cure but Smallpox still does not.

To be fair, we have never had a biological attack on US Soil any time in recent history. However, it is vital to know that the US is the enemy of rogue nations and terrorists around the globe.

Think of groups such as ISIS who are growing rapidly as we speak. An attack such as this can be launched anywhere on US soil long before it is ever detected. This makes it very hard to defend against. Our main counteraction against this happening is simply gathering information. This can come from informants or people we capture during wartime.

How and Where Would an Attack be Launched?

So, how would a large scale attack be most effectively launched? With the launch of the dark web things changed. It is more feasible that an organization such as ISIS or another rouge network could more easily obtain these weapons. This is where it helps to have your survival gear ready for the protection of you and your family. The best thing we can do is stock up on survival food and master the setup of our survival kit. That way we are ready for such an attack anytime.


We can’t live in fear when our enemies are getting stronger than ever. Ultimately our survival may be in jeopardy but as a nation, we always seem to get past any disastrous attacks. Remember the 9/11 attacks? America stood still as we watched the towers burn. No one knew what to do and there wasn’t really any guidance on the TV news stations to help us get our feet in the right direction. We were just stunned. This also occurred on the attacks at Columbine High School.

Some would say that we should not live in fear of an attack. One thing that can be done is to simply educate ourselves on the subject. In order to more understand the actual threat that is looming over us. For the present future, the question is not IF a biological attack is going to occur. The question is WHEN will it happen?

So what do you have in your survival kit?

I know my family will be able to make it at least a week on what we have packed and ready to go. The good survival kit options you can find on Amazon have amazing kits for very reasonable prices.

When you can get a personal survival kit for about thirty dollars, there isn’t really an excuse to not have one. They are a little higher for the whole family, but it’s a purchase that I can justify. I hope you can as well. It could literally be the difference between life or death.


I’m not a crazy old neighbor. Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m building a bunker out back for my people to live in when the end of times comes. I’m just freaked out by the reality of our world right now. Everyone sane person in America should be.

When Will You Get Prepared?

You don’t really think you will have a chance to go buy a survival kit AFTER the attack, do you? The stores will be packed with customers. The customers will be acting crazy and frantic. The major things like water will be sold out. The stores will be unable to order more in time for the rush of clientele. Your neighbors will be looking to see what others do and some will follow in suit of the leaders.

The leaders are the ones that are already prepared for panic and have taken the time to educate their families on what to do for a certain type of situation. They will be much calmer than the general public. Right now, in America, over 80% of the population has no clue what to do in a time of emergency. Don’t be a statistic. Keep up with our site for more information about what and how to react during these trying times.

People all over the world are suffering and we have it so good here in the good old USA. Sure, there are a handful of countries who would like to see us brought down. There are also local groups that think our government needs reform. It seems like another country hates us every time I turn on the news.

These are the same countries that are getting overrun by the criminals we have seen a rise to power. ISIS is the current threat we are watching very carefully. What will it take for our armies to take action and actually stop this goliath before it’s too late? Your guess is as good as mine. What can we do in advance? Prepare.

I do hope you will take care of yourself and your family during a bug out situation. Buy a survival kit. They are too cheap to go without. Even if a biological weapon never launches, it still will be quite useful in other emergency situations. These could be an earthquake, hurricane, large fire or anything else that would tend to ruin one’s day. Be prepared for anything and you will be better off for it.

Kenneth E. Sweet Jr.
Kenneth E. Sweet Jr. is a published author of many blogs, website content and more. He is an active YouTuber, father of 2 and Wizard in training. You can follow his personal survival blog over at https://ThisSiteMaySaveYourLife.com.