Top 10 Survival Tips that Can Save Your Life
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Top 10 Survival Tips that Can Save Your Life

Top 10 Survival Tips for Everyone

Welcome back to our site for more survival tips, tricks, and techniques to help you get prepared for a situation where you are trapped in the wilderness. This list is not in any particular order. If you can wrap your head around some of these tips listed here, you will be better off should the unthinkable ever happen. Enjoy!

1. Attitude: This is the most important thing you need to have. Your attitude can enable you to do amazing things when kept positive. However, getting down on yourself and sinking into depression can make your wilderness survival an absolute bust. Make a list of the things you need to do in case you are not found anytime soon. Hum or sing – that can lift spirits.

two people trying to survive a hilly wilderness
Survival Tips in action. These 2 people are hiking and its very easy to get lost.

2. Shelter: The first thing you need to tackle is a survival shelter. This can be made out of many things. Look around. Find some suitable tree branches or sticks that will act as a support module for the shelter. Use any cloth or large leaves to make the roof of the domain. Make sure you are not sleeping on the ground. Bugs (and who knows what else) will bite and make you toss and turn all nite while you get bitten by the local pests. You can also opt to make a hammock and sleep above the ground tied to a couple of trees.

3. Find Water: Water is mandatory. You must do everything possible to collect this rare find. The human body is 60% water. This is one of the most important things you can do for survival odds to be elevated. You can only go 3 or 4 days without water before the body starts to shut down.

Food is second as you can go 3-4 weeks without eating anything and still survive. The best thing to do is set up some bottles or something to that effect to catch the rainwater. You can drink rainwater straight up. You do not need to boil or clean it. Note, if you have a plastic bottle you can use it to boil water. So long as there is water in the bottle, it will not melt away. Also, look out for ants. If they are crawling up a tree – that could signal a water source in the plant.

4. Start Fire: This is something we take for granted. We all have fire available where we live. How can we start a fire? Well, the best thing is to use matches or a lighter if you should have one. After that, we can go for flint and a small pile of kindling. You can also try to rub sticks together to make a fire. You can find out more about that with the video below.

CrazyRussianHacker shows how to survive by building a fire out of only sticks. Enjoy

5. Make an SOS Signal: This is mandatory to get up as quickly as possible. If you are stranded somewhere people may be looking for you in the sky. They could be on a plane, a helicopter or even a boat. You need to establish this SOS Signal so rescuers have a better chance of locating you. You can do this using either light or sound.

The pattern is 3 long dashes followed by 3 short dashes and then 3 long dashes again. If you are using light, then you need to flash your light in that pattern. If you are using sound, you make your sounds match that pattern. You can also try a smoke signal from your fire. This will make you more notable. This survival tip should make your chances much better that you will be found.

6. Find Food: Here is something that can prove to be quite difficult for your survival. Hopefully, you were prepared for this and have some survival food in your bug-out bag. Either way, you will run out of that food soon so it stands to reason that you will need to figure out a second plan for providing your body with the nourishment it needs.

Check for things in the area you can eat. If you see coconuts, you’re very lucky. Coconuts provide vital nutrients and sugars. You can also try fishing if you are by a body of water. You may need to get creative on the fishing pole itself. Lastly, you can hunt small game and make traps for them. Remember that after your kill, you must skin the animal you caught before throwing it on the fire. So, if you have no knife to skin these animals there is no need to try catching them. Try many different trap styles.

Killing small game can be a huge survival tip. Set traps and let the animals come to you.

7. Never Go Out at Night: If you have a fire set, that will keep most animals away from you at night. You may also want to wear long sleeve shirts and pants to avoid all the bugs that the fire attracts. Experiment with how far you should lay from the fire to keep the bugs away. As I mentioned earlier you should also ensure that the place you are laying down is not on the ground.

If you have to go out at night, don’t go far. The amount of animals that can hurt or kill you in the wilderness is overwhelming. There are lots of animals that hunt at night. They would not think twice about making you their late-night meal instead.

8. Make Weapons and Tools: Okay, time to go back to more primitive times. Look at some survival tools and weapons. Rocks can be used to make a sharp knife life object. This can be used as a tool or a weapon. Another item that can be made is a bow and arrow. You can fasten this from items around you most likely.

You can also make a hammer out of a nice heavy rock tied to the end of a pole. The better you fasten the rock to the stick, the better off you’ll be. Another thing you can make is a spear. This will help to look for small game, potentially spearfishing and also defense.

9. Locate Yourself: If you have a compass or GPS you are in business and probably had your bug out bag ready to go. If not here is how you can get your bearings. You must do this during daylight hours.

Take a stick and push it into the ground. Take another stick and trace the shadow to the end of it and mark that. That mark will be due west from your position. After about 20 minutes, repeat this process. Then connect the two dots you made in the dirt. If you then stand with the east side mark on your left and your other mark on your right – then you are heading straight north.

You can also try to track down the north star if its late at night. Find the big dipper. Then follow the path from the little and large dipper to track the north star. Here is a diagram to help you.

Survival Tip on locating the North Star via the Big Dipper

10. Keep it Clean: Make sure as your day wears on that you keep all the trash away from your camp. You do not want the animals in the woods to get a whiff of Doritos and come to your campsite to find your food. It’s also a good idea to cook and eat a little way away from the part of your camp you sleep in. It is very important to follow this rule along with the other survival tips you have learned here. You don’t want a black bear at your tent door.

Ok, that’s it. Now you have a little bit of information. If you choose you can get more information from the other posts on our site. If you are wanting more of this type of content try this – 13 Survival tips Wilderness. Stay tuned for more good survival tips, skills, and techniques. We will be back next week with a new post. Please comment below and tell us what you want to see on this blog. Cheers!

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